070: How To Hold Small Events For Huge Profits With Steve Werner


Aug 23 2019 • 32 mins

Ever wanted a rock-solid method to turn your expertise and knowledge into big-ticket clients? If so, look no further than live events, a well-proven marketing method that allows you to build instant connections and powerful relationships with your attendees.

In this episode, we meet Steve Werner, founder of "Monetize Your Tribe," where he helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses turn their passion into a full-time lifestyle through:

—Gaining crystal clarity around who they serve and why.

—Crafting a big-ticket offer that sets them apart in the market,

—Building a small, impactful event for 10 to 22 people that allows them to ethically sell their big-ticket product and make large profits and impact in a single weekend.

My favorite quotes from Steve (paraphrased) in this episode:

"I am enough, I have enough..."

"You don't need a large list, budget, or product to create massively successful events."

You can reach Steve at: