247: Living In Abundance, With Daniel Mangena


Aug 16 2022 • 35 mins

Do you believe that your thoughts, energy, and subconscious beliefs and programs create your life? Or do you believe that you are completely powerless and unable to influence how your life, business, relationships, or even health will turn out?

No matter where you find yourself on this belief continuum, there is one undeniable truth: the world as we know it, complex and beautiful as it is, operates on visible and invisible laws and principles whether we like it or not. From gravity to relativity, to the largely untapped power of our subconscious minds, there is much to learn and be astonished by.

In today's episode, we meet and learn from renowned author, speaker, film producer, and business coach Daniel Mangena, who is a a master in the art and science of manifesting true abundance. Dubbed “Master of Success” by the Wall Street Journal and listed as one of the top 10 life coaches to watch for, Daniel Mangena is on a mission to transform lives.

You can learn more from Daniel Mangena online at:

Website: https://dreamwithdan.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dreamerceo/