YES WE CANADA The Progressives Guide to Getting the Fuck Out - Season Two

Matt Zimbel

Thinking of moving to Canada? Of course you are and we can help. Yes We Canada is the American Progressives Guide to getting the fuck out. Canada… explained… hilariously. read less

Pandemia Nervosa
Apr 26 2022
Pandemia Nervosa
Americans!  Hello, Bonjour, welcome to season two. Let’s get you up to date. When we last spoke, in May of 2021, Trump supporters were claiming that the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol was actually executed by the FBI in a joint venture with Black Lives Matter and Antifa who were false flagging the riot by masquerading in Trump merch.  Wow a lot of BS to unpack there, no? And that’s not all… A lot has happened in America since our last episode in Season 1… the Corona Virus raged, gun violence was out of control, Afghanistan was overrun by the Taliban who rebranded and now claimed they were “like kinda cool with chicks having equal rights, as long as they don’t like work outside the home, go to school or play sports”. And US president Joe… Manchin wasn’t getting anything done for the progressives.  Your Republicans have been hard at work desperately trying to fix a voter fraud problem that doesn’t exist and won’t go away. And gerrymandering and legislation that restricts voters rights has replaced rodent huntin’ as the new redneck pastime. It seems hard to believe if you live in the fact-based world, but Trump supporters are still claiming that all those white people who stormed the capitol were either Patriots engaging in “legitimate political discourse” or drug ravaged Antifi members.  So, yep, you’re still moving North…hello, bonjour, welcome to Canada. You’re going to trade your so-called democracy for a social democracy.  Keep on truckin’ eh?