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Teresa Ward

Gateway to Dreams is an exciting podcast/dreamcast that teaches you HOW to interpret dreams and visions from a Christian perspective using a simple 3-step process created by author and international speaker, Teresa Ward. Teresa keeps it fun, fresh, and engaging as she uses episodes to teach on specific topics, interview other interpreters to gain their insight, and she also does live dream interpretations, teaching you along the way so you understand how she arrives at an interpretation. There are over 8,200 symbolic figures of speech in the bible. Learning to interpret will help you not only understand dreams and visions, but it will also bring incredible insight to spiritual experiences, give you hidden insight when you read your bible, and most importantly, you will discover how God is speaking to you everyday in ways you may not have recognized before! Teresa is the author of “Gateway to Dreams - 3 Simple Steps to Dream Interpretation,” and has appeared on TV and radio. She is a trusted dream advisor to famous musicians, business leaders, doctors, attorneys, brain surgeons, housewives, children, church leaders and more. She also has a phone and tablet app that has reached more than 30 countries so far.Listening to the Gateway to Dreams Dreamcast will help you:◆Simplify and understand your dreams by using a simple 3 step approach.◆Discover how AND WHY God speaks symbolically ALL the time in every part of your life. ◆Gain peace, hope and insight for troubling dreams, such as nightmares and sexual dreams - dreams are NOT what you think they are.◆Unwrap hidden treasures in your dreams - even from dreams you don’t think have meaning.◆Discover Jedi Dream Tips that will make your dream interpretation journey quicker and much more fun!◆Pursue your spiritual destiny by pursuing the One who created it. If you believe God created you, then you must also believe He created you with the ability to dream, so they must have purpose because God does nothing without purpose. What do you have to lose? GO AHEAD AND SUBSCRIBE! WE DOUBLE DREAM DARE YOU! read less
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GTD 011 Live Dreams with Nazis and School and Dream Journaling Tips
Jul 15 2019
GTD 011 Live Dreams with Nazis and School and Dream Journaling Tips
Dream 1: Katie's Posey's dream with the Nazi's, Jewish Children and Paris  3 Step Approach: T.E.A. = Titles, Emotions, Actions Title 1 - Saving Jewish Children from the Nazi's Title 2 - Anxiety About Saving Jewish Children (& Consequences)Title 3 - Fear of Escaping the Nazi's in ParisEmotion 1 - FearEmotion 2 - AnxietyActions - Saving Children, Escaping Literal Elements for Katie: Katie is a Holocaust Researcher/HistorianKatie was going through a huge change at the time of this dream.Katie was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety in real life at the time. Dream Gems for This Dream: Nazi's - Those who persecute others for different beliefsJewish Children - Could have represented Katie, as well as being a literal element because Katie works in that field.Paris - For Katie, Paris represented a familiar, comfortable place she loves. She was going from a place she loved to moving to a new area literally. Interpretation: The dream reflects that you were going through a difficult time of persecution in your life with much uncertainty which created a lot of fear and anxiety. Type of Dream: Processing Dream: Processing the emotions of what she was experiencing at the time. Source of Dream: Soul (Mind, Will, Emotions)   Dream 2: Jennifer's Dream of going to school in a van with others: Title 1 - Along for the RideTitle 2 - Picking up Cousin at SchoolTitle 3 - Unexpected Family TimeEmotions felt positive, comfortableActions were going to school, returning from recess, along for a ride Literal Elements for Jennifer: This ended up being a foretelling dream that happened later in the dayShe had been on recess from a group she was involved inCousin Cindy represents mothering, relatable, comfortable.Private Schools for Jennifer represent education with more resources. She had been involved in a ministry that had more resources. Dream Gems for this Dream: Cousin Cindy - Motherly, Comfortable, RelatableVan - A ministry Recess - having taken a break from ministry Elementary School - The length of time the ministry had been operating... just a short time.Private School - A Private Ministry, A ministry with resources Interpretation: The dream revealed Jennifer would soon return from a recess from ministry, being given an opportunity to participate in a ministry she's comfortable with, enjoys, and one that has many resources available. (This was also a PRIVATE ministry (like the school). Jennifer received an email later that day inviting her back!) Type of Dream: Foretelling Dream - Something being shown to you prior to it happening. Source of Dream: Spirit (Only God can know the future and it was for encouragement that she would be invited back into a ministry)   Jedi Dream Tips:  Titling your dream is the most important part of interpretationEmotions are usually the anchor to reality and what the dream is about.Most dreams are us processing our emotions or issues.One word can unlock entire dreamDreams from God will have ScriptureRemember to give/get honest feedback vs. Constructive CriticismJournal Your Dreams - Making notes of current events because most dreams are about what is currently goi
GTD 003 Exploring the Supernatural Nature of Dreams with  Justin Perry - Author of Adventures in Dreaming & Lead Pastor of MorningStar Church
Jun 8 2019
GTD 003 Exploring the Supernatural Nature of Dreams with Justin Perry - Author of Adventures in Dreaming & Lead Pastor of MorningStar Church
Justin Perry Is the Lead Pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church in Fort Mill, SC, and the author of "Adventures in Dreaming: The Supernatural Nature of Dreams" and the companion "Adventures in Dreaming" Dream Journal. After a dramatic salvation experience in 2000, Justin almost immediately began to experience and walk in supernatural ministry. Since that time he has been involved in equipping the body of Christ in healing, evangelism, and prophetic ministry. Justin has a vision for the church to know the Scriptures and the power of God. Whether training in the gifts of the Spirit or teaching Systematic Theology, he makes daunting and complicated issues inviting and accessible. Justin has seen multitudes equipped and released into their spiritual gifts both inside the church and out in the streets. He and his wife, LeeAnna, have two sons and a daughter and live in Charlotte, NC. To take the online class, "Adventures in Dreaming", click here: Amazon: MorningStar Book Store: Church: MorningStar Ministries: Facebook: Instagram: