The "Squid Game" TV Tropes Page with Alex Ptak

TV Nopes Podcast

Nov 2 2021 • 1 hr 27 mins

Alex Ptak is Alex Pback on the show, but we took a break from our 26 part series on the "Real Life" TV Tropes page to look at the TV Tropes page for the hottest show in the world (at least as of 3 weeks ago), Squid Game! In a rare departure for the podcast, I ramble about Twitter nonsense for too long at the beginning and then we get sidetracked by something else. However, that something else is a quick survey of the ways that clickbait writers have tried to shoehorn Squid Game into every possible headline they can, and it's funny and interesting, trust me. Additionally we read an article with advice about how you can watch Squid Game even if you know it'll give you debilitating panic attacks, wonder what it would be like if Donald Trump talked about Squid Game, and introduce the hottest new character, Squid Game Seinfeld. And more!