"Messy in Heaven" - A Disappointing Drum and Bass Song

Use Your Words

May 9 2023 • 55 mins

This week's episode of Use Your Words Podcast is all about Messy in Heaven, a song by 21-year-old Venby which is part of the resurgence of drum and bass in Britain and Europe. It charted highly in the UK (3,1) and relatively high in the US (34,40) and is meant to be an anti-drug anthem. Although the song was inspired by a dream of Jesus looking intoxicated, the author says that it was not meant to be controversial or insulting song. Venby is one of a few female drum and bass artists and although only her second song appears to show that in the general world, she will have a very strong career - even if Aaron and Paul may have their own thoughts on the song.

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