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GeekAtSea is a series of conversation with curious people about startups, science, economic and tech, their successes and challenges. Come hang out with us and be rewarded with knowledge you will not find anywhere else!
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Emily Campbell is a product designer based out of Moab, Utah where she lives with her husband and three kids. She makes the money, he plays with the kids, and together they are having an adventure of a lifetime. In this episode: (1:00) From being a law student in a big city, to a cross-country road-trip to be a raft guide in California, to eventually settling in a small town in Utah. (5:00) Living in a small town of Moab, Utah. (7:00) What does a family life and activities look like in Moab, for those of us city dwellers who don’t know. (10:00) Road trips with children (13:20) Inside the head of a five-year-old. (16:40) Growing up in a small town, challenges and benefits for kids and their parents. (22:00) How to help your older child to feel loved and special when you have two new/young kids in the house yearning for all the attention. (26:00) How to have awkward conversations with children. (32:00) The social pressure of dads having to provide for the family in a family when mom is the main bread winner. (38:40) Is coffee actually good for your children? (41:00) Kids health, drug abuse, and support network for a family life in small town America (47:00) What it’s like to be an outside in a small town. (49:00) Access to opportunities, uncertainly, embracing change, traveling the world and getting in trouble with the school district. (53:00) Dad envy, birthing a child and the value of bonding with children early on. (63:00) Giving yourself up and the lifestyle you want for yourself. (65:00) Thinking of having kids? Here’s your ultimate advice. Emily Campbell on the webs at Elou Design Emily on Twitter Moab, Utah on Google Maps Rad Dad podcast
Nov 8 2018
1 hr 8 mins