Before and After of having a baby - Anthony Armendariz - Partner and Head of Design at Funsize

Geek At Sea with Kirill Zubovsky

Dec 17 2019 • 1 hr 9 mins

Anthony Armendariz is a founder and partner at Funsize, a creative design agency which he started with his wife Natalie. They spent years being laser focused on business, working day and night, and now count Facebook, Oracle, Adobe, EA, AT&T and many others among their customers.

Can such an ambitious and hard-working couple have a baby, and to actually enjoy it? We sit down with Anthony to find out.

This is a special episode because I had a pleasure to record Anthony twice. Once just weeks before their baby was born, and once shortly after. You can hear for yourself what goes on in the mind of a successful business owner, and how his world changes with an arrival of a child.

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