The Behind Your Back Podcast with Bradley Hartmann

Bradley Hartmann

Born into the LBM industry, Bradley Hartmann graduated to building over 1000 homes for a national homebuilder before moving into an Area Purchasing role. He now trades those stories and insights with industry leaders in the Behind Your Back Podcast, dedicated to helping construction and LBM professionals sell, market, and work smarter and have more fun building America.

256 :: Kolby Dukes and Brad Marks: Live from LBM Advantage's NextGen Leadership Conference
37 mins
255 :: Abhi Singh, COO of New South Construction Supply on the Leadership Equation L(PxC)=R254 :: Remembering Kate Whittemore :: A Legacy of LBM Leadership at Home Central253 :: Drafting Your Ideal Client Roster of the Future252 :: Greg Templeman, President at Sunpro :: From Behavior-Based Pricing to Siberian Leadership Principles251 :: Rita Ferris, President of the NRLA: Increasing the Value of Associations250 :: Jerry Maguire, Dicky Fox, and an All Star Lineup of Past Guests Celebrate #250
On our milestone 250th Episode, we show our appreciation for the great Dicky Fox.  Dicky Fox, a fantastic character in the film Jerry Maguire, gave sound sales and life advice throughout the movie.  We also hear from many of our past podcast guests who share their favorite Dicky Fox-isms.  You can also go back and listen to their full episodes.  (Listed in order of appearance in Episode 250). Jon Vaughan - Episode 92 and 132 Kent Strawderman - Episode 192 Todd Skaggs - Episode 55 Meagan McCoy Jones - Episode 48 and 221 Matthew Schmidt - Episode 54 and 194 Dan Butterfield - Episode 232 Carl Moyer - Episode 124, 217, and 220 Tim Rethlake - Episode 3, 30, and 137 Mark Harari - Episode 203 Jen Zuern - Episode 224 Jim Sobeck - Episode 24   This episode is brought to you by Capital One Trade Credit   ***   If you enjoyed this podcast, we'd sincerely appreciate it if you left a review on Apple Podcasts. The feedback helps improve the show and helps with our visibility as well. The more people listen to the podcast, the more we can invest into it to make it even better.   Since we're asking for things . . . we'd also love it if you recommended this show to your friends and colleagues. Your network looks to people like you to learn where to invest their time and attention. We'd love the opportunity to add value to more people in our community.   Sign up for the Behind Your Back Newsletter that arrives twice each month and delivers insights and ideas to help you sell more, faster, at higher margins:   For more info: behindyourbackpodcast.com Instagram: instagram.com/behindyourbackceo YouTube: The Behind Your Back Sales Co. Channel Capital One Trade Credit: capitalone.com/trade-credit
Apr 12 2022
30 mins
249 :: Sean Shields of SBCA on The Essential Components of Communicating Value248 :: Josh Adams, VP of Ops at NPL on Alliances That Drive Workforce Development247 :: How to Build an Authentic Brand Story with Heather Bowman of Superior Plastic246 :: Rising Together Through DE&I with Clayco's Dan Lester
Mar 15 2022
45 mins
245 :: Overcoming Major League Adversity with Ryan McKenna of McKenna Capital244 :: Offsite Insights with Agorus CEO, Garrett Moore243 :: Fostering Leadership Development By Providing Feedforward with Melissa Dalton of DBM Global242 :: John Madden: The Greatest Football Salesman241 :: Stories from the Negotiating Table with Bobby Krueger of The Krueger Group240 :: Glory Days - They'll Pass You By: Prepare for the Future Now239 :: The Wolf of Wall Street: Sales in Cinema with Mark Scherer238 :: Kent Jobe of Franklin Building Supply: Sales Hurdles When Under Promising & Over Delivering237 :: Melanie Bisson of Grabber: How Your Company Can Benefit By Using AI