Episode #6: Let's talk about Slovenian art! Polona Tratnik.

ASEF Podcast

Jan 21 2022 • 55 mins

In this episode, we host Slovenian artist and researcher Dr. Polona Tratnik, who holds a bachelor’s degree in painting, a master’s degree in sculpture, and her Ph.D. is in philosophy and theory of visual culture. Polona Tratnik is Dean of New University, Faculty for Slovene and International Studies, where she is a full professor for philosophy and art; she is a research councilor at Institute IRRIS for Research, Development, and Strategies of Society, Culture and Environment. She is the president of the Slovenian Society of Aesthetics and vice-secretary general of the International Association of Aesthetics. Her bibliography comprises more than 270 entries, of which she published 34 peer-reviewed articles, 40 book chapters, and 8 monographs with one translation to Serbian, as a single author. Her research fields comprise aesthetics, philosophy of art and science, media theory, and interdisciplinary studies of fairy tales. She is a pioneer bio artist.