Night of Show


Go backstage with Prince at the Super Bowl, The Rolling Stones as they face off with the Pope in Cuba, and Michael Jackson as he escapes to Bangkok amid a media frenzy.

In Night of Show, accomplished concert promoter Adam Wilkes joins music industry legends as they share behind-the-scenes stories about the pressures superstar artists faced when staging some of their biggest performances.

Co-hosted by Adam and Tom Wright, a NYT bestselling author, Night of Show gives listeners a backstage pass to never-before-heard stories about the biggest names in pop and rock!

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Our Editor's Take

The Night of Show podcast shares unique insights into historic music performances. What makes this music podcast different is that it's told from the world of concert promotion. These are the people working hard to make sure every performance reaches perfection. These are the people helping the biggest stars achieve impressive levels of fame. This series shares those stories.

Hosting the podcast is an expert on promoting bands. Adam Wilkes has worked with everyone from Metallica to Taylor Swift. His cohost is author Tom Wright, who cofounded the media studio Project Brazen. Together they share stories behind some of the most memorable performances in history.

Episode one focuses on an iconic star and a monumental concert. Prince performed at the Super Bowl in 2007. Since the 1980s, he'd been fighting with his record company, and his music wasn't performing well. This show was a return like no other. Not only were his fans excited, but he also inspired stars like Michael Jackson.

Adam's colleague John Meglin shares the rivalry between Michael and Prince. When talking to Prince, one must refrain from mentioning Michael. When talking to Michael, one mustn't talk about Prince! It was a deep-rooted rivalry between two musicians, born in the same era, competing for fame.

John and his partner Paul Gongaware have promoted the likes of Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. They were responsible for promoting Prince and organizing his return. They reveal the challenges of working with him. He'd become so skeptical he'd refuse to sign contracts.

They also share the experimental tactics they used to promote him, and the famous parties Prince hosted. These are the stories only known by the people that were there. Now they are being shared in this exciting podcast. The episode leads to the Super Bowl performance and what made it so exceptional.

The Night of Show podcast shares other entertaining stories about world-famous musicians. One episode reveals how Nancy Reagan helped The Beach Boys make pop history. Another tells the story of Mick Jagger's ambition to perform in Cuba. Each episode has intriguing insight into the music industry.

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