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Get ready to plug into the pulse of real talk with The Talking Trophies Podcast. This ain't your typical podcast – it's a wild ride through the gritty streets of unfiltered discussions, controversial takes, and no-holds-barred interviews. Hosted by Rayvo and Damian, these guys don't just talk, they vibe. From breaking stereotypes to stepping out of their comfort zones, Talking Trophies is the realest platform down under, delivering a unique flavor that speaks to the streets and challenges the status quo.

In the heart of the Melbourne scene, Talking Trophies dives deep into the pulse of the culture, weaving through topics that matter with guests who bring their own raw perspectives to the table. These boys are unapologetic, keeping it real and leaving no stone unturned. It's not just a podcast; it's a conversation that reflects the beats of the streets and the rhythm of real life.

So, if you're ready for a podcast that hits harder than your morning espresso, join Rayvo and Damian on a journey where chaos meets wisdom, and the unexpected is just another part of the ride. Talking Trophies – where the urban narrative comes alive, stereotypes get shattered, and the boys keep it 100 for the listeners who crave authenticity in every word. Don't just listen – immerse yourself in the raw, unfiltered energy of Talking Trophies.
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#89 Why Family Beefs Are Important For The Holiday Period
Dec 27 2023
#89 Why Family Beefs Are Important For The Holiday Period
When they say time flies, we're wrapping up 2023 like an elf from The North Pole. In our last episode, the boys look back at the crazy year and look forward to the chaos to come in 2024.Letter To Our Deevs And Daveys:To Our Beloved Deevs And Daveys,We want to take this moment to thank you for all the support you have shown us throughout the year. Whether you have subscribed to us from Day 1 or this is your first time watching us your support and love does not go unrecognised. 2023 has been a rollercoaster of a year and we dropped 33 episodes and had a couple breaks to figure out what we wanted from this platform called Talking Trophies. Amidst this journey, we discovered that our true desire is to authentically be ourselves and shifted our content and approach to ensure that we provide you with our unfiltered opinion, jokes, and vulnerable selves. We extend our sincerest thanks to our guest appearances, enriching our platform and bringing joy to our viewers. To Damian, Shan and Wiebo thank you for believing in this vision despite all its challenges and adversity that has come along with it. 2024 is going to be Australia's year for growth around the content space and for those who remain consistent in their grind and do it for the love of the game. Whether you're working, studying or figuring things out I pray you taste success, happiness, contentment and love in 2024. But I pray it tastes even better for those who Subscribe to our channel Lol.As I conclude each episode, Stay Humble Faith.RayvoMake sure to follow, like and Share let us finish the year strong.
#80 We Hired A Therapist And It Got HEATED
Oct 25 2023
#80 We Hired A Therapist And It Got HEATED
Full Disclaimer:This episode contains discussion about mental health, trauma and suicide that may be triggering for some individuals.Topics discussed is not a substitute for therapy, medical advice or your own health professional’s advice. If you need urgent crisis support please contact:000 - emergency fire, ambulance and police 1800 RESPECT - 24-hour national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line Lifeline 13 11 14- national line for anyone wanting support for a personal crisisTigist Kebede from Pola Practice, a trained counselor, joined the boys to speak on mental health and get a deep understanding of why it's subjective and how everyone has their own experience when it comes to mental health. Make sure to hit the follow button and share this video around.Links for Pola Practice Links We Went Through To Make Your Life Easy!0:00 Wiebo's Performace at Ego Expo and Why Is It Shutting Down?2:30 Polls Are In On What We're Calling Our Female Viewers (Is it Divas or Deevs?)4:33 Introducing Our Guest With A Couple Sneek Disses 6:16 Damian Gets Shut Down For "Voting No"11:11 Slow Introduction To Therapy And What Pola Practice14:37 Rayvo's Experience Trying Out Therapy And Why He NEVER Went Back17:40 Difference Between Someone Trying Therapy And Staying In Therapy 20:31 Damian EXPOSES Rayvo's Competitive Nature23:48 Guys Need Therapy Because None Of Their Friends Will Hold Them Accountable 28:10 Would You Be More Comfortable Speaking To A Female Or Male Therapist?34:34 What Is Trauma And Why Is It Subjective?40:20 Hypothetical Sitcho: Someone Bursts Into The Room What Are You Going To Do?43:51 Survival Instincts And Can We Change It?54:30 Watching The Attacks On Palestine And Can That Impact Your Mental Health?1:06:51 As A Therapist Can You Tell Someone To Just Suck It Up?1:09:38 HEATED ARGUMENT: Can the Therapist Show Emotion?1:25:03 What The Hell Is Micro Aggression And Are People Just Making Up New Words To Become Victims?1:33:30 Outro