Become The Alpha Of Your Health With Dr. Halie Schoff

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Mar 5 2024 • 1 hr 8 mins

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Dr. Halie Schoff is here to talk all about functional health & wellness (one of my favorite topics). We cover so much in this episode and will most likely need a part 2 sooner than later! Dr. Halie Schoff is a functional chiropractor and integrative health practitioner with her Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition. She has a passion for healthy movement, proper mindset, wholesome nutrition and non-toxic living. She won’t just adjust your spine, she’ll adjust your lifestyle!

In this episode we discuss the differences between functional health and western medicine, why it might be more beneficial for you to choose one over the other. How functional healing has a different approach of finding the root cause rather than just putting a “bandaid” on the problem. We also talk about gut health and how many issues can stem from the gut; what inflammatory foods you can start to cut if you’re someone with poor gut health and how you can start to improve your gut health. Hormonal imbalances are something many are dealing with everyday, so I ask Dr. Halie where one should start if they suspect a hormone imbalance, what outside sources could be “throwing off” your hormones that you could be unaware of, and then of course how to effectively balance your hormones in a healthy way. Are you someone who has gone to the doctor for a certain concern that is a big question mark/can’t be diagnosed? Or do you suspect you’ve been diagnosed with something that is wrong? Are you tired of trying new methods of “treatment” but still feeling like your body isn’t performing optimally? Well we discuss all of the above in this and what to do if you’re experiencing the same. There are things you can be doing everyday to detox your body in a healthy and effective way, Dr. Halie Schoff explains these methods as well as what you need to be detoxing from. All in all this episode will help you with the beginning steps of becoming the Alpha to your health! To find out more info or get in touch with Dr. Halie Schoff, visit

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