Understanding Yourself Through Astrology With Lauren Wenzinger

Inside Voice

Feb 20 2024 • 38 mins

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This episode is the perfect beginners guide to understanding not only astrology, but yourself and your purpose. Lauren takes us through what a birth chart is, how astrology is a scientific practice, and how it can help you better understand yourself so you can fulfill your true “calling” in life. We discuss the importance of energy and how to manifest based on the moon cycle. Lauren also explains why it’s so important to have an astrologer read your birth chart, not only can this help you better understand but they will also prepare you for the upcoming transits and how it will effect you personally depending on what it will be transiting through in your specific chart. Have you ever heard the term “Saturn Return”? Well if you’re someone between the ages 28-30, you might be right in the middle of yours. This is a very transformative time for everyone, it is considered the “maturing” years. We talk about what a Saturn Return is and how you can prepare for yours based on what it will be focused on in your chart. Lauren is an incredible astrologer and licensed clinical social worker. She blends astrology and mental health in her practice to provide a holistic healing experience to her clients. In her practice she offers 1:1 coaching/therapy sessions and monthly astrology consults that will help clients understand the current energy and how to manifest. She also just started her new podcast, Karma Is Calling!

Go follow Lauren on TikTok @thelunarchild and on Instagram @thelunarchildhealing. You can follow her podcast on Instagram as well @karmaiscallingpodcast

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