Navigating Grief With Elizabeth Tucker

Inside Voice

Mar 19 2024 • 1 hr 3 mins

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Elizabeth Tucker went through the most tragic loss of her life on October 6th, 2016. She received the devastating news that her husband and father to her two year old son had been shot in the line of duty. In one moment, her life had changed forever. She had to now navigate her life without the man whom she thought she’d spend the rest of it with. Grief is something that no one can prepare you for but everyone will unfortunately experience in their life. On this episode Elizabeth takes us through her experience of losing her husband to finding strength through her son, support system, and faith to finally start to heal. By putting in the work to heal, she was eventually able to not only find forgiveness but also love again. We cover topics such as triggers, how to overcome them when they happen. As well as being able to find joy again when at one point you can feel it’s impossible. Elizabeth is still involved in great organizations in the first responder community as well as using her platform on social media to continue to help people see the light at the end of their trauma tunnel.

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