AN Skin founder & CEO Ashley Nordman On Building A Successful Business + Brand

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Dec 11 2023 • 51 mins

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On this episode I interview Ashley Nordman; an energetic momtrepreneur, CEO, skin expert, health junkie, and social media influencer. She has an array of things that encompass who she is, but when it comes to her professional life, her main focus is on the skincare brand she has created, AN Skin. She built her reputation originally in the fitness industry, where she was a bodybuilder, fitness coach, and athlete. However, after years of extremes, she eventually got to a phase of burnout, and she was ready for a change. As she began to focus less on being extremely fit and more on overall health and happiness, she went through an entire healing journey that eventually led her to the doors of an esthetics institute. As she was actively working to heal and balance out her body, she started battling hormonally-induced acne that crippled her. Being the fixer that she is (and being someone who believes in a higher power), she figured that this was God redirecting her pain to become her new purpose, and that the best thing she could do was become a skin expert, understand skin issues like the back of her hand, and use her story to help others heal from their skin issues as well. Luckily, she trusted that nudge, and it was the best pivot she could have ever made for herself. Years later, she is now a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and she formulates high-quality, medical grade skincare products that change your skin and help you regain confidence!

Ashley and I cover many topics like how she became an entrepreneur, how life threw an unfortunate situation at her which she then turned around and created something positive out of it- her now thriving skin care line: AN SKIN. We also talk about what her start up process looked like, the road bumps she has had to overcome along the way such as “haters” and imposter syndrome. As business owners we have to stick to a routine, Ashley dives into what she does to maintain her growing her business, time to be a mom to her daughter, and maintaining a social life. We talk all about skin care… what is medical grade, why AN Skin is so amazing for your skin, and how Ashley offers skin assessments that are done by her personally when you inquire through her website

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