Attract High Quality Love With Femininity & Relationship Coach, Taylor Carr

Inside Voice

Apr 30 2024 • 52 mins

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This episode is easily one of my favorites to date! Taylor Carr is a femininity coach & clinical hypnotherapist specializing in masculine / feminine dynamics, dating, and relationships. After healing herself from an incurable disease in her early 20’s, she dove into the world of natural healing and discovered the power of feminity, magnetism, and being a woman. She mixes classic and modern wisdom to help women create more love in their lives in a way that truly works for them. On this episode we discuss masculine vs. feminine energy, how to know when you’re embodying one or the other. Situations that will force a woman into her masculinity and a man in his feminine in a relationship, as well as how to change that dynamic if it is something that doesn’t work for your relationship. Intimacy struggles in a relationship when you’re in the wrong energy. How to become a high value woman that is worth investing in, healing to be able to tap into your femininity. Taylor also discusses the future of dating and relationships, as well as how to succeed on the dating scene. We also discuss Taylor’s coaching practice and all that she has to offer someone seeking a coach. Her signature program is The Muse Mastermind (dating, love, and feminine energy) which she runs twice a year. Her private coaching is The Activated Woman and it’s four months of deep, expansive work to help clients become their own dream woman. Taylor will also be hosting a workshop soon which is all about new paradigm dating with some fabulous women.

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