Underlying Causes Of Autism + Biomedical Healing For Kids with Greer McGuinness

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May 14 2024 • 59 mins

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Today I’m sitting down with Greer McGuinness, the founder of Biomedical Healing for kids. Greer holds a Master of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics, she’s a registered dietitian, certified detox specialist, certified master herbalist, certified Lyme specialist, and a certified mental health specialist. Based in New York, she is the proud owner of Biomedical Healing for Kids, a virtual private practice. Her expertise lies in detoxifying toxins, enhancing gut health, and optimizing nutrient status. As a published researcher she has focused on Autism and alternative medicine, showcasing her commitment to exploring innovative approaches to healthcare. On this episode Greer takes us through her own personal experience with her son being diagnosed with level 2 Autism at the age of 19 months and a severe verbal delay. After years of little to no progress and unanswered questions, Greer decided to take matters into her own hands and start researching ways to improve his condition. We discuss everything she started implementing with her son to things she does everyday in her practice with Biomedical Healing for Kids. Greer’s son is now 10 years old and thriving! Because of his results she has now made it her life’s work to help other children. It was a pleasure to have Greer on the show!

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