The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai

Dr. Yishai

Welcome to The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai, where we talk about applied psychology for freedom and fulfillment in business, relationships, and life. I'm your host, Dr. Yishai Barkhordari, licensed psychologist, private practice owner, speaker, executive coach, and consultant.I became a psychologist to learn how to leverage psychology and help others do the same. For over a decade, I’ve been tracking how psychology gets in the way of intelligent and results-driven people. For years I’ve developed frameworks and tools to help them leverage psychology instead to launch themselves forward. Since becoming a psychologist, I’ve been applying my insights and frameworks with successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and businesses so they can harness psychology to serve all their people better: starting with themselves, to turning clients into raving superfans, hiring and holding top-tier talent, and handling any human challenge that business and life throws in their path. It’s my mission to share my hard-earned lessons with you so you can launch yourself forward too. I can’t wait to talk about high-leverage psychology with you so you can learn to take higher-leverage action today.

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