Laws of Being

Glorian Podcast

Nov 2 2022 • 52 mins

All of us experience our moment to moment existence, not according to our physical circumstances, but according to our psychological circumstances.

Our quality of mind is our quality of being. Our psychological condition is our level of being.

Furthermore, our psychological qualities determine our experience of life.

An arrogant person has a quality of life that results from their arrogance.

A lustful person has a quality of life that results from their lust.

A patient person, a loving person, has a corresponding quality of life.

If we are suffering, it is because of our level of being.

When we have a life that is extremely rigid, with no real freedom of movement, but every day we are forced to work to earn a little money, to pay the bills, to fulfill our responsibilities, and to chase after our desires, that is all a result of our level of being.

From day to day, most people are like a hamster in a wheel, repeating the same behaviors every day, over and over and over. Their level of being is very low because their life is ruled by many laws. They have no freedom, no freedom of movement, no freedom of thought, no freedom to change their circumstances. They are restricted, bound.

If they want to change their circumstances, they need to change their level of being.

Changing jobs or moving to a new country will not change their level of being. They will continue to attract the same circumstances, the same sufferings.

We can change our level of being, and rise out of suffering. Here is how to do it.