Sexual Transmutation, Alchemy, & Tantra

Glorian Podcast

May 11 2020 • 1 hr 40 mins

An introduction to the universal teachings on sexual transmutation, also known as alchemy or tantra.

Explains the following (and more):

  • The Golden Bowl of Buddha.
  • The Ark of the Covenant Crossing the Jordan River.
  • Jesus Turing Water into Wine at the Wedding.
  • The Mystery of Dionysus and Bacchus.
  • The Hermetic Seal, and why it is the necessary basis of Alchemy.
  • Tantric Bodhichitta.
  • How to Practice Sexual Transmutation as a couple or a single person.
  • Many practical questions answered.

Slides (PDF): https://gnosticteachings.org/download/beginning-here-and-now-introductory-lectures/869-sexual-transmutation-alchemy-tantra-pdf.html

“The philosophy of Sexual Alchemy has its principles in the school of the Essenes, in the school of Alexandria, in the teachings of Pythagoras, in the mysteries of Egypt, Troy, Rome, Carthage, Eleusis, as well as in the wisdom of the Aztecs and Mayas, etc. The procedures of the science of Sexual Alchemy must be studied in the books of Paracelsus, Nicholas Flamel, Raymond Lully. We also find these procedures hidden within the veil of all symbols, in all the hieratic figures of ancient hieroglyphics of many ancient temples, as well as in the Greek and Egyptian myths.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

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