Women Have the Power to Change the World

Glorian Podcast

Dec 23 2021 • 5 mins

"It is certainly women who are able to transform the world, if that is what they want. The woman holds in her hands the key of power. Even the masculine biology is controllable by the woman; in fact, the woman controls the biological activities of the man (she has this power, and it is extraordinary, wonderful). The only thing that she must do is retain this prodigious force, this creative energy of the Third

" data-placement="top" data-content= "(Greek λόγος) Generally speaking, Verb or Word of God. In the gnostic teachings, it refers to the universal intelligence of Divinity, which can be incarnated through the Direct or Straight Path. The First Logos is the Father, Brahma, Kether, Dharmakaya. The Second Logos is the Son, Vishnu, Chokmah, Sambogakaya. The Third Logos is the Holy Spirit, Shiva, Binah, Nirmanakaya.

See Glossary: Logos" data-original-title="Meaning">Logos. She must not allow it to escape, she must not permit it to merge into the universal currents. It is for this reason that the married woman, in the chemical or metaphysical copula, must assume an edified and essentially dignified attitude.

"Obviously, the Sacred Order of Love stems from the Earth’s most ancient times. We can recall (in Greece) the priestesses of love, the Hetairas (ἑταίρα). They were sacred in the most complete sense of the word, and knew how to administer that which is called “love,” and men had to be obedient to them. Let us recall there in the lands of Japan, the supreme priestesses. They ministered that which is called “love.”

"Unfortunately, the people of this modern century have lost the true feeling of love. The modern woman must turn to the ancient wisdom, she must begin to educate the man. Sex is one hundred percent sacred, and she must teach the man veneration for love and respect for sex. If the woman acts in this manner, she will be able to transform the world in a definitive manner..."

Before all, the woman must free herself from many constraining attitudes, she must approach the study of sex from a new angle, not considering sexology as “taboo” or “sin,” as a cause for shame, something covert etc. If the woman is to regenerate the man, she must confront directly the mysteries of sex; she must teach such mysteries to the man. Unfortunately the “intellectual animal” mistakenly called “man” not only does not know how to respect women, he commits adultery like an animal, fornicates incessantly, squanders money, that which is for his home, in the bar, in the casinos, etc.

Unquestionably, the crude reality of the actions is that the woman is called to assume a new role. She needs to transform herself (by means of the creative energy) and teach the man the path of regeneration. But this will not be possible if she does not have a superior electro-sexual potential, which will permit her to realize such a magnificent labor...

It is necessary for the woman to reserve her own creative energy. Only in this way will she be able to increase her electric potential, so as to have sufficient force or authority to enable her to transform the man, to take him from the bars and teach him the path of responsibility, to indicate to him the path of regeneration.

A Reading from "Treatise of Sexual

" data-placement="top" data-content= "The science of spiritual transformation through the combining of forces and elements within the body, soul, and spirit. While many relate alchemy to the Middle Ages, its precepts are timeless and found concealed within the esoteric aspects of all religions. The foundation of Alchemy is sexual transmutation.

See Glossary: Alchemy" data-original-title="Meaning">Alchemy: Love, the Key of Spirituality and the Chemistry of the

" data-placement="top" data-content= "Generally speaking, the emotional and spiritual aspect of a person. The common person does not have a 'soul' yet; they have the Essence or seed of the soul, which must be grown through the 'second birth.'

Glossary: Soul
Lecture: What is the Soul?" data-original-title="Meaning">Soul
" by

" data-placement="top" data-content= "(Hebrew סםאל און ואור) Pronounced sam-ayel on vay-ohr. The first two letters of Samael are samech (ס) and mem (מ), which mean 'bitter beverage' or 'poison'; the last two letters (אל aleph-lamed) mean 'God'. Aun (און) is Hebrew for 'sexual strength.' Weor or ve-Aur (ואור) means 'and light.'

Thus, his full name reads 'The bitter beverage of God, sexual strength, and light.'

The bitterness of Samael is similar to the bitterness of medicine, which is poison for the ego.

See Glossary: Samael Aun Weor" data-original-title="Meaning">Samael Aun Weor

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