What I Learned When My Startup Got Acquired | The Pair Program Ep20

The Pair Program

Dec 13 2022 • 48 mins

What I Learned When My Startup Got Acquired | The Pair Program Ep20

Join us as our hosts, Tim and Mike, talk to tech startup leaders Troy Crosby and Brian Retford. Troy is an engineering leader with experience from Series A through IPO and is currently the Director of Engineering at PatientIQ. He experienced a startup’s acquisition first-hand while working as an engineering manager in the real estate industry. Brian Retford is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to starting RISC Zero, he co-founded Vertex.AI which later sold to Intel in 2018. Prior to that, he worked at Google and Microsoft and was one of the first developers at mesh networking startup.

Being acquired can be stressful but is also a fascinating opportunity.

In this episode, you’ll hear the stories and wisdom of two startup professionals who have had a front row seat through the entire process.

You’ll learn about:

  • Common outcomes for teams that get acquired
  • The benefits of going through an acquisition and why it can be a huge win for startup teams
  • How to find mentorship at your new company after getting acquired
  • The challenges of acquisitions (plus, how to know if it’s time to move on)

And much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

12 Engineering Leadership Lessons for Success after an Acquisition by Troy Crosby

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