Episode 47: Blame it on Marketing with Ruta and Emma

Marketing Dribble Podcast

Nov 29 2023 • 38 mins

In this episode Rob and Jonny chat with special guests Emma and Ruta who are the hosts of the 'Blame it on Marketing Podcast', they discuss the myriad things marketers get blamed for. unravelling their top triggers to dissecting the biggest challenges in the field, this becomes an interesting discussion where the hosts and guests share their experiences and perspectives.

Join the conversation as they debunk common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding marketers, both from an outsider and internal perspective. Discover the often-overlooked facets of marketing that deserve acknowledgment and learn how marketers can spotlight their invaluable contributions to organisational success.

Or basically feel like you are eavesdropping on a casual pub conversation featuring four marketers engaging in lively discussions about various marketing issues and triggers. So, grab your Gin and Tonic and give it a listen!!