Episode 24: Sustainable Marketing with Chloe Thomas

Marketing Dribble Podcast

Aug 2 2022 • 51 mins

This week Rob and Jonny are joined by the brilliant Chloe Thomas.  Chloe is an author of many marketing and eCommerce books, speaker and hosts her own number 1 rated marketing podcast 'eCommerce Masterplan' so we are delighted to have her on the podcast to talk to us all about sustainable marketing.

Chloe discusses what sustainable marketing means to her and why she decided to focus on championing it.  The episode also includes 3 tips for businesses stating on their sustainable marketing journey, a golden nugget for companies who have already begun their journey, future trends and recommends some great resources and books to help you learn more about this very important subject.

As expected with Chloe the show is packed with amazing content, tips and a fantastic overview of why we should all be taking this seriously and including sustainability into our businesses and marketing campaigns.
Definitely not one to miss.