Episode 50: How to be a Better Marketer

Marketing Dribble Podcast

Jan 11 2024 • 27 mins

🎉 Welcome to the 50th episode of Marketing Dribble Podcast! 🎉

In this milestone episode, Rob and Jonny dive deep into the essence of effective marketing strategies and how to evolve as a marketer. Here's a sneak peek into what we'll be discussing:

  1. Putting the Customer First: Explore the crucial aspect of aligning your product with customer needs. Learn to enhance user experience on your website, catering to both individual and trade customers.
  2. The Power of Data: Delve into the world of data analytics. Discover how collecting and utilizing data can become your main weapon in the marketing arsenal. Uncover insights from tools like HotJar, Crazy Egg, and B2B/B2C analytics.
  3. Feedback is Key: Understand the importance of feedback, whether from customers, colleagues, or your boss. Leverage feedback to improve your website, products, and overall marketing strategy.
  4. Hands-On Approach: Get involved in the day-to-day operations. Learn your product inside out, from warehouse walks to live testing. Position your products effectively by truly understanding and showcasing their unique selling points.
  5. Reflect and Grow: Take a step back and assess your marketing journey. Overcome imposter syndrome, gain a different perspective, and ensure your daily efforts align with business objectives.
  6. Embrace Mistakes: Don't be too hard on yourself. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Take risks, try new things, and embrace change in the dynamic world of marketing.
  7. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the ever-evolving field of marketing. Don't just chase the latest trends; focus on mastering the core principles that withstand the test of time.
  8. Network and Mentorship: Recognise the value of networking and seek mentorship. Whether you find a mentor or become one, the journey of a marketer is a continuous process of learning and development.

Join us in this special episode as we share golden nuggets of wisdom to help you grow and thrive in your marketing journey. Here's to 50 episodes and many more insights to come!