Episode 38: Podcasting for Businesses with Kath Lord-Green

Marketing Dribble Podcast

May 31 2023 • 46 mins

In this episode Rob and Jonny speak to Kath Lord-Green, we discuss her impressive background as a successful entrepreneur and her current venture as the founder of 'Voice it, a podcast agency helping businesses start and run their own podcast.

Kath shares her insights into various topics related to podcasting, including why businesses should consider starting a podcast, the types of businesses that benefit the most from podcasting, and general tips for starting a successful podcast. Kath also provided valuable advice on presenting, drawing from her extensive experience as a news correspondent and radio host.

The conversation further explored the growth and future of podcasting, with Kath discussing her personal opinion on whether podcasts are still on the rise or if they have reached their peak. She also addressed the common issue of podcast failures in the early stages and shares tips to help podcasters persevere and succeed. Additionally, she offered a golden nugget tip for seasoned podcasters (and Rob) aiming to elevate their shows and expand their reach.

If you have a business and are considering delving into the world of podcasting then this episode is definitely for you.