Episode 48: Brand Building with Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloane

Marketing Dribble Podcast

Dec 6 2023 • 34 mins

This week Rob and Jonny dive into the world of brand building and chat with Jennifer Sloane, the Head of Marketing at Dark Horse,  The Manchester-based PPC and SEO agency that's not just in the game – they're here to terrify your competition.

Rob and Jonny kick off the conversation by delving into Jennifer's background, unravelling the mysteries behind her impressive journey and the driving force behind her role at Dark Horse. Get ready for a rollercoaster of insights!

They discuss the landscape of standout brands, picking Jennifer's brain for examples of companies that truly nail the art of standing out. Of course, they can't resist turning the spotlight onto Dark Horse itself, exploring what sets them apart from the competition and the strategic thinking behind their branding.

Also discussed are the benefits of a robust brand and the power of being the unexpected winner in competitive markets, and the potential pitfalls of standing out and maintaining an edgy brand. Are the risks worth the rewards?

For those itching to embark on their brand-building journey, Jennifer dishes out golden advice for startups and companies eyeing a rebrand. And of course, she leaves listeners with a golden nugget tip to amplify their brand – you won't want to miss this gem!