Episode 54: Why Ecomms is f*cked and what you can do about it with Rob McKenzie

Marketing Dribble Podcast

Feb 22 2024 • 47 mins

In this episode of the Marketing Dribble Podcast, Rob Boyle and Jonny Kenyon welcome Rob McKenzie, an ecommerce consultant with a keen focus on the fashion and footwear industry. Recently appointed as Managed Services Director at Heur agency, Rob dives into the challenges facing the ecommerce space, particularly within his areas of expertise. The discussion explores why ecommerce is struggling, identifies key challenges businesses face, and offers actionable advice for both marketing professionals and business owners. Rob also touches on the importance of tracking metrics for success, the impact of AI, data privacy concerns, and the future of ecommerce.

Join us as we unpack these insights and more, providing valuable takeaways for anyone involved in the ecommerce industry.