Ep 56 - GM Fiat (And Deus Ex Machina)

Passive (Aggressive) Perception

Aug 17 2022 • 45 mins

What would you do if your GM said "because I said so" during a session? Talking about when GMs flex their table authority 'just because.' There are two sides of the GM using unilateral decision making, and we investigate both the positive and the negative aspects of this contentious issue. We talk through deus ex machina and offer our hot takes on popularized forms of it, plus much more.

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Show Breakdown:

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 0:57: TTRPG News
  • 13:00 Main Topic
  • 14:43: Ways GM fiat can be used for bad.
  • 23:35: On TTRPG deus ex machina.
  • 33:56: Ways GM fiat can be used for good.
  • 44:02: Outro