Faders Up Podcast

Czar, Desiree, Pat, and Oshay

4 Nashville pro audio professionals, Czar, Desiree, Pat, and Oshay, discuss pro audio topics and beyond. Everything from gear to recording, mixing, music production, music business, and creatives lifestyle in this entertaining and informative podcast.
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S3 Ep1 Pro Audio 2022 Predictions
S3 Ep1 Pro Audio 2022 PredictionsS2 EP21 2021 Recap (Season 2 Finale)S2 EP20 Fake It Until You Make ItS2 EP19 Remembering AaliyahS2 EP 18 What does success look like to you?S2 EP 17 Music Sync featuring Clint from Clint MusicS2 EP16 Did T-Pain Ruin Music?S2 EP15 Dealing With BurnoutS2 EP 14 Featuring Josh Estock from Focal ProfessionalS2 EP13 The Role Of A Music ProducerS2 EP12 Is Buying Gear Addictive featuring Will Santos of Goldmind StudiosS2 EP11 SSL announces UC1, Softube announces Tape Echoes, Apogee announces Duet 3S2 EP10 featuring Shawn Dealey of Sweetwater StudiosS2 E9 Being in a relationship while working in pro audioS2 EP8 Is Using Loops Cheating?S2 EP7 RIP DMX / Is social media the future of the music industry?S2 EP6 Recording Studio Management and Ownership featuring Jill CourtneyS2 EP5 Izotope and Native Instruments join forcesS2 EP4 Clearing samples featuring Mimi & MuziqueenS2 EP3 RIP Rupert Neve