EP 13 The Roam Shopping Network

Gimme Da Loot

Mar 30 2021 • 1 hr 15 mins

The Party preps for a weekend outdoors. Todd negotiates, Eldrin takes up knitting, Moyle seeks supplements, Fait has a school reunion, and Baba gets enranged. Patreon is LIVE!: https://www.gmdlcast.com/patreon Now streaming Thursday at 7:30 PM Central at: https://www.gmdlcast.com/twitch https://www.gmdlcast.com/youtube https://www.gmdlcast.com/facebook Tweet at the Party: The DM: https://twitter.com/Gmdlcast Fait/Jazz: https://twitter.com/etxjasan Baba/Anthony https://twitter.com/anthonydrobert Listen to Harland and Jamie on their other shows: https://popupfilmcast.podbean.com/ https://threeangrynerds.com/category/three-angry-gamers/