Kathleen Gauden - Finding True Joy In Whatever It Is You Do, How To Start A Profitable Virtual Assistant Company, And How To Utilize A VA To Their Full Potential While Focusing Only On Income Producing Tasks.

Adventurous Entrepreneurs

Dec 30 2022 • 42 mins

After 25 years of the corporate grind, Kathleen was heading toward complete burnout. She wanted to start a family and be present for her kids while still having a career she loved, so after some soul searching, vision boarding, and assessing where her skills could make an impact, she began down the path of starting a virtual assistant company long before working from home was the norm it is today.

Just a few of the golden takeaways Kathleen shares in this episode are how to truly find what brings you joy, turning that joy into a passion-filled career of serving others, and how to effectively delegate non-income producing tasks and utilize a virtual assistant to their full potential.

Please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Kathleen Gauden.

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Medium Article - Kathleen Gauden Of The Virtual Assistant & Company On The Self-Care Routines & Practices Of Busy Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/kathleen-gauden-of-the-virtual-assistant-company-on-the-self-care-routines-practices-of-busy-93b945079e82

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