Ego Flipping - How three startup founder CEOs flipped their ego from unruly master to humble servant with ayahuasca

On Therapeutic Psychedelics, Startup Leaders & Peak Performance - The Awake Forward Podcast with Michael Costuros

Jan 26 2023 • 56 mins

You are about to hear from three veteran founder/CEOs who successfully reset their relationship with their ego by undergoing an ego death and rebirth experience.  Khellar Crawford's ego reset was accidental. He actually died when his motorcycle was struck head-on by a van. When resuscitated his ego was reborn as a humble servant, changing his orientation to life and business forever. Bertram Meyer and Henrik Zillmer both experienced their ego resets through ayahuasca, an amazonian plant medicine containing psychedelic compounds. I want you to hear both their stories because their experiences couldn’t have been more different, but the results were the same. A total reorientation toward life and business.  In this episode, you will learn what the ego-death and rebirth experience was like for each of them, how it changed their approach to business leadership and their best practices for maintaining a healthy relationship with their ego. While the stories you are about to hear are emotionally rich and very entertaining, I created this episode to inspire you to consider the role you are allowing your ego to play in your life.  Is it your master or servant? Are you overdue for an ego reset? Let’s find out.