The Shawarma Shack

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The gang from World Gone Geek "The Podcast is Real" join forces with a variety of guests to seasonally debrief on the happenings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, airing each week during a season of a Marvel show on Disney+ to discuss the episodes, theorize on the future of the MCU and more. Special episode will also release when a new MCU movie releases to break it down and debrief in a place even the Avengers count on for a respite from the action. Join us in The Shawarma Shack!

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The Shawarma Shack - an MCU after show
"We'd rather go save the world. Laters gators." - Moon Knight Episode 6"This will really bake your noodle..." - Moon Knight Episode 5"Hi!" - Moon Knight Episode 4"I suggest you stop listening to that stupid pigeon!" - Moon Knight Episode 3"Not Psycho Colonel Sanders!" - Moon Knight Episode 2"I'm not a mercenary. No, I'm a gift shopist." - Moon Knight Episode 1The Shawarma Shack - an MCU after show