Effective listening with Maree Harris PhD

Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®

Mar 3 2023 • 14 mins

In this episode, Gary Ryan re-visits an authentic conversation with Maree Harris PhD. Maree is the Director of People Empowered and provides leadership development for transformative impact. Maree does this through her mentoring and coaching of leaders. The focus of this conversation is effective listening. The conversation was conducted in the height of the pandemic. It has been re-visited and shared with you now because the lessons remain poignant.

Arguably, the requirement for better listening is just as important today, as it has ever been. Finally, Maree's story at the end of the conversation is one of the most powerful reminders about why listening is an essential skill for leaders.

You can connect with Maree Harris at https://peopleempowered.com.au
You can connect with Gary Ryan at https://orgsthatmatter.com

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