The TMZ Podcast


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Our Editor's Take

TMZ's paparazzi stories have gathered much attention on the internet for years. Now it's sensational Hollywood news stories are available on The TMZ Podcast. This podcast offers commentary and updates on celebrity lives and gossip every week.

Hosting The TMZ Podcast is TMZ founder Harvey Levin. Levin is a well-known celebrity journalist, American producer, and former lawyer. As he talks about celeb gossip, he is energetic and passionate. This, combined with varying opinions, can lead to exciting and animated discussions.

On the podcast, Levin and the TMZ crew reveal and dissect the latest celebrity news. Whether gossip or fact, it's open for discussion. Listeners can expect conversations about everything from NFL to celebrity relationships. As long as there are reports, scandals, or hearsay to deliberate, Levin will be ready to share his thoughts.

TMZ gives listeners a comprehensive archive of entertainment news to venture into. The TMZ Podcast is an enticing addition to the TMZ family. Episodes are between 20 to 30 minutes and come out as often as there are things Levin wants to discuss. This can result in multiple episodes a day. Here, listeners can hear a concise recap of the best gossip from Beverly Hills and beyond.

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