Here’s Why You Should Care About National School Counseling Week

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Jan 22 2024 • 10 mins

Did you know National School Counseling Week is only a few weeks away? This year's celebration is from February 5 through February 9, 2024. Before you ignore this episode, I want to say I SEE YOU and know you're out there! It's common for counselors to get down on themselves about this week, but this episode will help to understand why it's so important to celebrate.   No matter how you currently feel about National School Counseling Week, please listen to this episode because I think there's so much more to National School Counseling Week than feeling like a dark cloud is hanging over your head! If you're apathetic or just curious about some more ideas behind National School Counseling Week, you'll get so much out of this episode.   In this episode, you'll hear about quick and practical ways to celebrate this week, why the title school counselor matters over the title guidance counselor, the real purpose for celebrating National School Counseling Week, the 2024 theme for National School Counseling Week, and a little pep talk to encourage you to show up and celebrate!   Resources Mentioned:
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