3 Personal Boundaries to Set a More Intentional Work/Life Balance

High School Counseling Conversations

May 23 2022 • 12 mins

Even if you’re doing some summer work, there’s still a huge opportunity for you to evaluate how your personal boundaries are currently set around work in order to set a more intentional work/life balance.

Summer is a time to rest, recharge, and reset. It’s time to take what you need for YOURSELF when you get a little break from the hustle of the school year. It’s time to take notice of your body’s cues and realize what you need (emotionally, mentally, physically) to recharge and what habits you need to set in place as you move into the next school year.

The goal is to reenergize and remember WHY you love this job in the first place! In a helping profession, we need to be extra self-aware of our needs so that we don’t burn out. Episode 23 gives 3 personal boundaries to consider in order to set that work/life balance that you’ve been craving.

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