Colin Peterik

Making Sound with Jann Klose

Oct 14 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

EPISODE 73: The magnetic musician, singer, songwriter and producer Colin Peterik has that Chicago grit. His voice embodies The Windy City – tough but diverse in harmony. He’s bluesy at times and other in other moments he’s flexing his rock muscles. He’s not set in the past but you know he’s been ingesting rock and roll, jazz, blues and psychedelic rock since childhood. You might say he’s been destined to continue a musical legacy or at the very least be a conduit to the multitude of sounds and experiences from this Midwestern Beacon. Colin Peterik, the son of legendary songwriter, Jim Peterik, the founder of The Ides of March (“Vehicle”) and Survivor (“Eye of the Tiger”), has his own song arsenal. Colin Peterik’s debut full-length album “Everything and Nothing” featuring the devilishly-cool “Cocaine Nights”, the blissful “Michiana”, the mellow “Smile” and the pop rock heavy “My Secrets” are just one side to this multi-faceted artist. Colin Peterik is a Columbia College Chicago audio and arts graduate. He founded The Jam Lab, a large studio and venue in the Chicago suburbs, in 2012. He’s also an avid skateboarder.

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