Authentik Convo With LaTrice Staten of Nails That Speak

The Authentik Life Podcast

Apr 9 2021 • 1 hr 16 mins

This episode we are with Trice Statenowner and founder of Nails That Speak and we are discussing choosing your path and being intentional in walking by faith. Trice is a Gem, Truth Teller and Powerhouse. Our conversation goes deep into our personal experiences, faith and perseverance and how these things have helped her live her most authentic life. She dropped so many gems. I am so grateful for her servant heart and transparency.

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✨3 Highlights Trice Shared in our episode✨

1. Keep Going

2. Focus on the Current Step

3. Be Grateful for and Use your Tribe.

✨The No Fluff Quote of this Episode✨

God hasn’t played me and he wont start now.

- Trice

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