'23 Review & '24 Preview | Redeemer University

The Redeemer Podcast

Dec 20 2023 • 29 mins

Welcome to the Redeemer Podcast—and the final episode of 2023! I am joined by President Dr. David Zietsma to review 2023 at Redeemer and look ahead to the future.

Online resources mentioned in the episode:
What Does Reformed Mean?: https://www.redeemer.ca/about/what-does-reformed-mean/
Pathways to Restoration: https://www.redeemer.ca/resound/pathways-to-restoration/

🌟 Student Involvement: Discover the exciting ways students can get involved on campus, from clubs and organizations to community service projects.

🙏 Faith and Learning: Learn about how faith and education intersect at Redeemer.

📩 Contact Us: Have questions or want to learn more? Feel free to email our admissions team at admissions@redeemer.ca or visit our website at redeemer.ca for additional information.

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Time stamps
0:00 Welcome
0:29 Interview Start
1:16 Redeemer's Mission
4:10 2023 Highlights
8:05 Rend Collective
10:53 Messiah
12:03 Relevant Campus
15:20 Indigenous artifacts
18:13 2024 Look Ahead
18:45 Masters and Other Programs Coming to Redeemer?