Sow to Speak with Kristy Mandour (Part Two)

The Day You Almost Quit

Jul 14 2022 • 33 mins

This week on the show we continue Elicia's conversation with Kristy Mandour of Sow to Speak and The Closet Series Podcast. Kristy and Elicia talk about how sometimes in this digital world we live in where there is so much information available to us that seeking out too much information can sometimes make you confused or feel behind.

Kristy talks openly about how she made that jump from in the red to in the black when she was starting out and how to not feel like a fraud when you haven't made it yet. She also shares some very helpful and insightful exercises to walk through to help you take the right steps in that process.

She also shares how to tell whether you are feeling fear or anxiety when faced with decisions or if you are feeling stuck. She also shares her story of how she is currently in a time of transition not quitting but shifting her business.

You can check out all the incredible content or set up a discovery call for your own business on her website at You can also connect with her on IG @kristymandour or on LinkedIn at or at

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