Rare Breed Academy with Jay Pruna

The Day You Almost Quit

Mar 24 2022 • 54 mins

Today, Elicia chats with entrepreneur, speaker, and mindset coach Jay Pruna. From working at a homeless shelter straight out of undergrad to training elderly women in boxing to building a huge outpatient facility and starting Rare Breed Academy with Trent Shelton - he brings a vast and valuable amount of experience and wisdom to the show.

He dives into a compelling story of nearly walking away from it all when a dream project went horribly wrong and how he made it through that with success. He also shares an incredible practice to walk yourself through when you are faced with a hard decision in your business or in your life.

He believes you should live like a rare breed. Make excellence your identity, greatness a habit, and discipline a lifestyle. It is the only way to lead ourselves and ultimately create more leaders around us.

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