Doherty & Associates and The Coaching Piece with Neil Doherty

The Day You Almost Quit

May 12 2022 • 53 mins

This week Elicia gets in a deep conversation with Neil Doherty. Neil has been an entrepreneur for most of his career. Currently he is the owner of Doherty and Associates and The Coaching Piece. He helps entrepreneurs and executives reach new heights by combining decades of business experience with the latest life and leadership coaching strategies. He meets people where they are helps them advance to the next level.

Neil has vast experience ranging from B2B marketing, health and wellness industries, marketing, advertising, business consulting and now coaching. He is with a variety of people from a variety of businesses because of his diverse background. Even if you think you are doing great - everyone can benefit from coaching.

Neil shares inspiring stories about putting yourself in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations and how it’s a way to grow and level up.

They talk about the word quit and the connotations it has with failure when really sometimes quitting is just a healthy transition.

They also chat about the very unique way that he and Elicia got connected over a song by Dax @thatsdax called Dear Alcohol and his son TROY who did an incredible open verse challenge duet on the song. You can find Troy’s on IG @troydoherty

They talk about how many people are afraid to let go of the thing they know intuitively they need to give up in order to advance. Neil uses his incredible coaching skills to get Elicia to open up about something she has been very privately working on in her life. They touch on the common issue of alcohol, substance abuse, and other negative coping mechanisms that is extremely common in the entrepreneurial space. Entrepreneurs are subject to different pressures and it is common for them turn to whatever coping mechanism is most easily available to them. Coaching helps deal with the unique pressures that entrepreneurs face and can’t always address at work or at home. Neil and Elicia talk about changing your brain pathways and the clarity and high level of functioning that comes with being sober.

“All the beautiful things are hard.”

You can connect with Neil to learn more about his coaching and consulting services at

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