A Different Perspective with Sandy Taylor

Sandy Taylor

My name is Sandy and I’m a marketing coach and the owner of a small digital marketing agency based in Perth, Western Australia.

Every day, I talk to one-person business owners as their marketing coach, web designer or copywriter, trying to understand what they’re aiming for in their business and their life.

I’m often struck by how distorted their views of themselves and the world around them are. So many are unaware of the things that other people are likely to notice about them, like the kindness or energy they project that I can imagine others being drawn to. Instead, they fixate on details like being older or younger than the stereotype or no longer a size 10 dress or with/without the things that they think will stop their feelings of imposter syndrome and they let things like their gender or family background stop them from dreaming big.

I’d like to challenge people to consider different perspectives on things they may not have thought of as negotiable before, in my podcast A Different Perspective. read less