Decoding Cancer: Expert Insights on Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Yashoda Hospitals Podcast

Mar 30 2023 • 12 mins

Cancer occurs when there is uncontrolled growth in cells. Cancer cells mutate faster and spread abnormally in the surrounding tissue. These cells can form tumors or spread to other parts of the body and cause serious health concerns. Sometimes, it may even lead to death.

Various screening tests are available that can help diagnose different types of cancer. Based on the circumstances of the patient and the type of cancer, an oncologist will suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

Join our Yashoda Health Podcast episode with Dr. G. Vamshi Krishna Reddy, Director-Oncology Services, Consultant Medical Oncologist, and Hemato Oncologist, for a detailed overview of various types of cancer, their causes, diagnosis, and treatment.

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