Financial Confidence


Financial Confidence facilitates the learning process for those committed to being financially literate in both business and personal finances.
*What is Financial Confidence?*In a nutshell the show aims to disrupt social constructs and systems of thinking through storytelling. I’m fascinated by the inner pull many of us feel to move away from the mundane and embark on a search for something ‘more’. It’s also clear from a social, environmental and political viewpoint that our world has to change. I believe this inner pull to change and the external need for change are linked. Yet many of us feel helpless because we are so entangled in the current systems and structures.

What is provide are inspiring and real stories from people who were questioning the way we do life and who have made – or are in the process of making – this transition and help others to do the same. The show deals with a variety of financial topics such Good Debt vs Bad Debt, philanthropy, tax implications, alternatives to the 9-5, financial security and more. Financial Confidence with Lynn is helping you make your money, keep your money and grow your money so you can do the things you are called to do.

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