#79: From Sick & Bankrupt to Sexy Money Mentor | Wendy Petties

Get F***ing Real

Jul 15 2021 • 1 hr 7 mins

Wendy Petties is a sex educator and founder of Sexy Money Lifestyle. Her work has been featured in Essence magazine, Sisters of AARP, NBC XL, and more. Do you make pleasure a priority in your life?  Wendy shares her story from seeking an MBA so she could make big money on Wall Street, to the moment she risked it all to call out the inequalities she faced as a young black woman in the workplace. We also dig into the unique challenges black women tackle in society that you may not have thought about. Hear the happenstance way Wendy became a sex educator for women of color during the early years of AIDS, and the GFR Moment with her gynecologist (after a decade of surgeries) that gave her freedom over her body, and ultimately empowered her mission as a coach and money sexpert today.  ResourcesGrab Wendy’s Gift: https://www.facebook.com/groups/freesexymoneycommunity (Sexy Money Community on Facebook ) The 12 GFR Commandments - https://gfr.life/12c (download your own copy now) https://gfr.life/squad (Join the GFR Squad) - get started for just 20 Bucks! Plus get access to the Squad exclusive video “The Body Scavenger Hunt” with Wendy Petties Did you enjoy the podcast?If you liked this episode let me know! Reviews for the podcast on iTunes are much appreciated! This helps us reach entrepreneurs just like you to be unapologetically themselves. If you received value from this episode, it would mean the world if you could take a moment and leave your 5-star rating and positive review. You can do that by https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/get-f-ing-real/id1464530109 (visiting right here.)