BECOMING with Melissa Monte

hyperactive imagination

Nov 8 2022 • 51 mins

From going to jail for someone else’s crime at 22, to winning best podcast of the year in 2022, Melissa Monte has lived pretty dramatically across the spectrum of power… From being completely at the mercy of someone else's, to bit-by-bit regaining control of her own, to now — living in such an empowered state that she's able to recharge others via her podcast Mind love.

This episode is for anyone interested in their own personal evolution.

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Featured content

  • The Desire Project Manifesto, written by Anita Stubenrauch
  • A Question Marks the Spot, written by Anita Stubenrauch


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About the host

Anita Stubenrauch is an ex-Apple creative veteran who worked her way from retail store employee to executive speechwriter over a 13-year career, designing presentations given to Steve Jobs, authoring Apple’s Credo, and speechwriting for Angela Ahrendts along the way.

In 2018, Anita left Apple to reconnect with meaning and purpose and joy, and found herself called to help others do the same. Today she’s running a brand-vision writing agency that helps purpose-driven leaders and organizations rally hearts and minds around what fuels their soul—Cause:Effect Creative. She’s also building The Land of Make+Believe, a fourteen-acre event and retreat space for audacious ideas and their people. And she's hosting this podcast, Hyperactive Imagination, a high-voltage channel for creativity.

To learn more about what Anita’s up to, and to join her mailing list, visit the Anitaverse.

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  • Show concept, creative direction, branding, and cover art by Anita Stubenrauch
  • Producers: Julie Fink, Megan Pintus, Norberto Mentana
  • Original Theme Music by Landon Sears (made possible by Songfinch)

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